Personal Connection to Nature

Our green spaces serve as a reflection of how a community or neighborhood regards itself, in turn they become objects of community pride”.

Could the answer to evolving mental health issues be right outside our doors? The world’s population is becoming an indoor breed and with this shift from reality to reality TV there are an array of psychological health concerns that have developed and are in need of addressing. It seems obvious that to live in a house with no doors or windows would feel gloomy and harsh therefore it makes sense that there is an emotional benefit for us to have a connection with our natural environment. Research shows that along with emotional wellbeing, there are health and social advantages that arise from spending time in nature. Children’s development improves by having experiences outdoors early in life and the health benefits of being active and engaged with nature is unequaled.

It is important to take a look at ourselves as we develop an urbanized earth, we are unknowingly changing our mental states and perceptions of well-being at the same time. We are facing new obstacles in the form of stress-related disorders, and while the science turns to their labs to produce drugs and medications, it is all too easy to overlook the simple answers, as our city grows so should availability and access to green-spaces and well-ness facilities.

The Sprit Alliance understands the importance of building and enriching indoor/outdoor connectivity for our community. The key is understanding the need to shift our attention by getting people to tune in and connect “every-day” close to home through natural activities and routines. Step outside and experience the miracle of life, take a walk, get on a bike, join a gym, a yoga studio, engage with others, discover the benefits of the mind, body, spirit connection.

“one of the blessings of a healthy life is that it shows us how few things we need, in order to be perfectly happy”