Health Care

“Modern medicine is a negation of health. It isn’t organized to serve human health but only itself, as an institution. It makes far more people sick than it heals” Ivan Illich

 The Canadian Medical System is collapsing within and it is just a matter of time until it crumbles to the ground. We have a critical shortage of medical professionals. Our hospitals are over capacitated, understaffed and underfunded. Future generations demand we take action to remedy this situation.

Simple solutions are first found by acknowledging the problems and implementing logical solutions.

  • Governments: Politicians are incapable of making medical and health decisions on behalf of the people. They need to stay out of health care indefinitely.
  • Medical Colleges: Health care practitioners need to be regulated by the people, not by their coworkers. The current system of self-governance creates bias and ineffective results. Medical colleges need to be accountable to the people not the politicians and medical industry giants who dictate policy, procedure and determine permissible treatments.
  • Hospitals: Taxpayers fund the construction of hospitals, operating costs, equipment expenses, medicines, outpatient facilities, cancer clinics, walk-in clinics, rural health clinics, emergency services etc. Why should the taxpayers be subsidizing major drug companies and medical supply giants who determine our treatment protocol This practice is improper, ineffective, costly and the root cause of our health care system failures from the onset.
  • The Medical System is currently governed by the Canadian Medical Association a bureaucratic agency funded by taxpayers and outside interests. The CMA offers no preventative health care strategies and their medical doctors are obligated to provide only what they are told, “treat the symptoms and not the problem”.

“We need your help, together we will discover solutions for a healthier life”