Government, media and mega-energy corporations want us to believe that Canada is a major contributor to global warming. However, looking at the facts Canada’s almost 38 million people represents less than 0.05% of the world’s population of nearly 8 billion people, Canada is ranked 228 out of the worlds 237 countries for population density and this fact alone makes any such claims outrageous. The worst climate offenders in the world, China, India, Russia, USA and the Middle East make up 65% of the world’s populace and it is these countries that ignore clean energy alternatives and pollute our planet. Canada is a cold climate and like most cold climate countries our energy needs are uniquely different but the good news is Canada has an abundance of the cleanest renewable resource on this planet; “natural gas” and together we have the ability to become the greenest and most energy efficient country in the world by understanding and utilizing our precious green resources.

Natural gas is formed over thousands of years as decaying plants and animals are trapped under layers of rock and due to extreme pressure and heat, this organic matter begins to slowly break down. Gradually, the energy stored in the organic matter is turned into carbon. The result is one of three energy sources coal, petroleum or natural gas. Natural gas historically is considered the cleanest of the three consisting mainly of methane. As we become more conscious of our personal health, we have shifted our focus to organic foods and products, organic is defined in the dictionary as “happening or developing naturally overtime, without being forced or planned by anyone” so why are we being forced to accept a global energy consortium’s new world agenda to move us into alternative energies when we already have an abundance of clean energy, are they prioritizing profits over the needs of the planet?   

Almost 25 percent of our energy usage comes from natural gas and it’s mainly used in homes for heating and cooking but, it can also be used in place of petroleum to power vehicles. The two main byproducts of natural gas combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapour, making it an extremely clean and exceedingly safe fuel source when compared to coal, petroleum, wind and nuclear energy which have considerably higher emissions and harmful byproducts. The electric car, EV’S are being hyped as the solution to the problem and they are not. Electrical energy is produced by three main sources hydro, coal and nuclear, all contribute to potential climate and environmental destruction. Perhaps it’s time we consider what is best for the planet ourselves, by determining the scientific facts of what a carbon footprint represents.


Carbon dioxide (commonly abbreviated as CO2) is a clear gas composed of one atom of carbon (C) and two atoms of oxygen (O). Carbon dioxide is one of many molecules where carbon is commonly found on the Earth. It does not burn, and in standard temperature and pressure conditions it is stable, inert, and non-toxic. Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in small amounts (about 0.04 percent) in the Earth’s atmosphere.


Carbon dioxide is a minor part of the air that humans breathe. It is also a byproduct of our body’s metabolism and is subsequently exhaled from the lungs.


Despite the limited amount of CO2 in the air, it is essential to plant life and a key part of the global carbon cycle. Plants take in CO2, and then break it down into carbon and oxygen, thereby releasing the oxygen to the atmosphere, retaining the carbon to live and grow. When the plant dies, or is burned, the carbon recombines with O2 in the air and CO2 is formed again, completing the cycle.

Myth: The presence of carbon dioxide CO2 in the atmosphere is bad and only comes from the burning of fossil fuels.

Reality: Carbon dioxide is derived from both natural and anthropogenic sources and is essential to plant life. It is a key part of the Earth’s carbon lifecycle and therefore clean and renewable.

The Spirit Alliance has a down-to-earth carbon management plan to immediately reduce unnecessary emissions and to preserve our energy well-being by building technologies and uncovering the knowledge base for climate sustainability for a healthy and happy existence.

“The human mind can solve the problem of climate change, but the world is ruled by politicians, fundamentally proving that problems, are not the problem; politicians are in fact the problem” Mehet Murat

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